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Coronavirus (COVID-19) & Your Appointment

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1452 Church Street
Decatur, GA 30030

Coronavirus (COVID-19)

Dear Patients,

At Rehab Orthopedic Medicine, your health and safety have always been our primary goals. We want to take a moment to reassure and inform you of our unwavering commitment to those directives and the measures we are taking in our office to protect you and our dedicated staff members.

What we are doing to keep you safe

We are following all state and federally mandated guidelines regarding the prevention of the spread of COVID-19 as well as meeting or exceeding the recommendations set forth by the CDC. We are monitoring these recommendations daily and revising our protocols as needed. We have made some changes in our office to serve you better, including:

  • Staff members will wash hands with soap and warm water before and after your visit - not just hand sanitizer.
  • Hourly sanitization of all high traffic office surfaces including doorknobs, countertops, keyboards, phones, etc. using products recommended by the CDC.
  • Additional pre-screening of patients before appointments each day.
  • We have also instructed our staff members NOT to come into work if they are exhibiting any symptoms of respiratory illness, fever, nausea, or vomiting. They are not to return to work until they have been fever-free and symptom-free for at least 24 hours.

What we ask of you, to keep everyone safe

We are taking COVID-19 seriously, and so should you. Our staff will be pre-screening all patients. We will need to know:

  1. If you have been outside of the country within the past 4-6 weeks.
  2. Even if you have not travelled, if you have been exposed to COVID-19.
  3. If you (or have you in the past two weeks) experiencing any symptoms of respiratory illness or fever.

Please note that if the answer to any of the above questions is yes, we will not be able to see you in the office. If you or someone in your household is sick, please call and we will reschedule your appointment.

Do not come into the office if you have any of the following symptoms:

  • Fever
  • Cough
  • Shortness of breath

Thank you for your continued patience, trust, and loyalty. We encourage you to visit the Georgia Public Health Website or the CDC Website for the latest updates and recommendations regarding COVID-19.

Take Care,
Your Care Team at Rehab Orthopedic Medicine